• I've had the privilege of watching Kit work for some years, and working with them directly more recently. Kit is skilled, energetic, compassionate and highly professional. As a facilitator,  Kit is inclusive and enthusiastic; as a programme designer, thoughtful and outcomes-focused. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kit for any facilitation or coaching work - you'll be lucky to work with them! - Kaila Colbin, SingularityU, Ministry of Awesome
  • Morgan, Nevada, USA
    I am blown away by our session and your follow-up. The way that you seem to have almost recorded my every word is astounding to me I really appreciate being heard this way. I feel very seen and heard in your presence. You provided me with a beautiful session and I feel grateful to have you in my corner. Thank you thank you thank you with all my heart for your support, your counsel, and your love. I look forward to our future sessions and again I remain totally grateful to you.
    Morgan, Nevada, USA
  • Everyone thought you were a fantastic MC Kit. We all enjoyed the way you kept everyone in focus and made the day flow really smoothly. You bought the whole day together!
    - Jane Gilchrist, Red Plum Planning
  • Adam, Christchurch
    Breaking big audacious goals into steps with Kit's support has been a revelation to me. It's one of the most constructive processes I've ever undergone, and I'd recommend Kit's coaching to anyone! Working with her and laying down my mission and vision for the future has made my dreams explicit and thoroughly motivated me to take the actions required to meet them.
    Adam, Christchurch
  • Anna, Christchurch
    You have helped me realise my life-long dream of starting my own business. You've encouraged me to identify deeply entrenched self-limiting beliefs and supported me to challenge them in a way that has enabled me to make giant steps forward to realising my dream. I am so grateful for the kindness, wisdom and positive energy that you have consistently shown me. I'd highly recommend your as a coach to anyone who is ready to follow their authentic journey towards self-fulfilment in their own life. A wonderful experience!

    Anna, Christchurch
  • Keziah, Christchurch
    I am so thankful for meeting with you. I got your follow-up email - it was so amazing how much effort you put into me! You are amazing and I never thought meeting with a person like you would help me so much!
    Keziah, Christchurch
  • Brianne
    Your coaching has helped me so much. I know I'm trying to consciously steer myself on to a specific path with specific goals, but I never had a clue what they were. Having my goals listed for me in the way that you did after our first session has been so helpful.
  • Emma, Christchurch
    Kit has a warmth and sensitivity which immediately put me at ease. Her clarity and insight definitely helped to to move forward with my self esteem issues.
    Emma, Christchurch
  • Todd, Christchurch
    Kit, I believe is a very special person. She has a wonderful way about her and an ability to truly connect with people. I found her an amazing life coach in the way she really listened and drew out my own learnings and painted an inspiring future for me to take hold of. Thanks so much.
    Todd, Christchurch
  • An awesome and inspiring day. You were a fantastic MC - so calm and kept the day running on time with a personal vibe.
  • You were fabulous Kit! You kept us all so engaged... never a dull moment. So glad you’re doing it again. Definitely planning to be there next time.