I bring my skills as a facilitator, designer, futurist and coach to the development and execution of impactful and memorable workshops. Including:

  • Workshop strategy and programming

  • Design and presentation of slides and handouts

  • Hosting event and engaging participants

  • Facilitating exercises and teamwork

  • Post-event evaluation and learning

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    • Kaila Colbin, SingularityU, Boma
      I've had the privilege of watching Kit work for some years, and working with them directly more recently. Kit is skilled, energetic, compassionate and highly professional. As a facilitator,  Kit is inclusive and enthusiastic; as a programme designer, thoughtful and outcomes-focused. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kit for any facilitation or coaching work - you'll be lucky to work with them!
      Kaila Colbin, SingularityU, Boma
    • Claire Stainton, Manager
      "This workshop was the perfect introduction as Kit patiently covered all aspects of non-binary life in Aotearoa. With positivity and insight, Kit shared their life experience while acknowledging the experience within our management team.   What Kit provided us with is a window into this world and the opportunity to become allies as part of our work at the CAB. Following on from this workshop my own eyes have been opened. I have shared the written material with all volunteers and spoken with them about the workshop. At least two volunteers have printed the material to share with their families; hoping for example, to provide support for close family who are puzzled by what they are experiencing. In addition, I have observed the binary nature of support offered and am in a position to kindly point out the potential for the inclusion of our nonbinary community here.   It is a great privilege to have learned from Kit. To use pronouns correctly, to provide clients with all options for their demographic record and to manaaki all clients with respect for their identity."
      Claire Stainton, Manager
      Citizen Advice Bureau
    • Jane Gilchrist, Red Plum Planning
      Everyone thought you were a fantastic MC Kit. We all enjoyed the way you kept everyone in focus and made the day flow really smoothly. You bought the whole day together!
      Jane Gilchrist, Red Plum Planning
    • Tracey Topp, Topp Contractors
      An awesome and inspiring day. You were a fantastic MC - so calm and kept the day running on time with a personal vibe.
      Tracey Topp, Topp Contractors
    • Lucy Hunter-Weston
      You were fabulous Kit! You kept us all so engaged... never a dull moment. So glad you’re doing it again. Definitely planning to be there next time.
      Lucy Hunter-Weston