3 shining moments

Great exercise to facilitate good feelings and intimacy

  1. Look back over your careers and identify three events, activities, moments of courage, accomplishments, collaborations, or moments of recognition by others that were shining or important to you. Think of these touchstones as career highlights.
  2. Jot down ideas (5 mins) and then share their thoughts with their small group, one moment at a time around in a circle until everyone is done..
  3. Listen carefully and to look for common themes and similarities in the stories. For example, did many of the shining work moments involve praise and thank yous from a respected manager? Did the shining moments involve a raise and a promotion?
  1. Tell the groups that each person will be asked to share just one of their shining moments with the entire group upon completion of the small group exercise if they are comfortable doing so.
  2. Debrief the icebreaker by asking the entire group if they noticed any themes in the stories.

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