February 1, 2009

Water and blessings

David Wolfe from the Raw Food fame said some crazy interesting things about water that have gotten me thinking about blessing my water canister before I drink out of it. He says: (taken from here) Water is the basis of all life. Ultimately there is no fire inside any living organism anywhere so if we look at what is going on in each cell we really see that each cell is a water bag. If we look at every cell in our body, in every plant, in every single living thing, it's just little water bags of little nutrients. Water is a primary substance of all life. We've heard the word hydration before. We know that hydration is critical to being healthy. We found out through Dr. Batmanghelidj's book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water, that most people's hunger pains are actually just thirst pains and if we can get each one of those little water bags hydrated then we're going to feel a whole lot better and we're going to detoxify a whole lot faster.