Christchurch earthquake

Being a resident of Christchurch, New Zealand I’ve experienced both of the big earthquakes we’ve had recently and have had the great experience of witnessing how it’s affected us as community.

Our last quake on Feb 22nd took the lives of around 180 people and seriously damaged buildings, roads and most of our CBD. We lost power, water and sewage and some lost their jobs or houses. Many people have left the city temporarily and many have left for good.

I’ve been amazed to witness the enormous generosity from all around me. People have given their time, their resources and their love to total strangers as we’ve come together as a community. Yesterday I looked around and all I saw were people smiling at kids in the street, waving each other into traffic queues, people in the street with shovels moving piles of silt and laughing. The person who served me at the supermarket smiled at me and we chatted about our area and what it’s like to be back in our own places. Everyone is connecting. We’re making eye-contact and smiling. That’s not to say it wasn’t like this before, but it’s amped it right up.

Almost everyone who lives here has had the opportunity to realise how precious our water supply is. How much we rely on petrol and electricity. Most of us have had the shared experience of existing without lights, a flushing toilet or a TV for at least a few days if not weeks.

We’ve also had the gift of realising what really matters. For some it was family, for some they realised they weren’t living their purpose, some realised their relationship was over…or just beginning. Some realised they worked too much.

What an amazing opportunity to realise what we’ve come to rely on. To see that the earth has feelings too and we can’t go on treating her like she doesn’t exist.

I feel that the quakes aren’t over yet and there will be more growth to come. For whatever reason this doesn’t give me any fear…in fact I feel excited about it. Excited about where we’re heading as a community and a consciousness. Excited about being a part of it.

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