Business and Impact Consultancy

I work with businesses and social enterprises to help elicit their core values, drivers and develop their public presence for branding, marketing, team cohesion and future planning.

I AM a conscious, professionally-trained NLP coach, designer and business-owner. I work with you and your team to draw out, motivate and guide you in developing and understanding your business and its branding and messaging. I help you clarify your impact, business goals, strategy and objectives and help develop the skills and behaviours to build a connected team and business.

I OFFER support with:

  • Innovation, motivation, support, productivity, accountability, strategy, ideation.
  • Reconnecting and following through on your ‘why, what, when and how’.
  • Getting clear on your direction, messaging and making your vision a reality.
  • Building confidence, unlocking potential and focusing on what’s important.
  • Setting up simple and effective strategies for success in business and life.
  • Design, branding, strategy and digital support

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