Count to ten

An excellent game for focusing people and getting them to work together. It creates laughter and energy without being physical. Because it’s not a physical game it’s more suitable for less mobile groups. With everyone sitting or standing in a circle, explain that they have to count upwards – set a target (usually 10) if you like. There are a few complications though. Only one person can say any one number. If at any stage two or more people speak simultaneously the group have to go back to 1 and start again. Nor can the same person say more than one number in succession. It’s possible that some clever so and so will attempt to co­ordinate the group with hand gestures or nods, or even by speaking so that they count around the circle. Discourage this. The point is to enjoy the challenge, not necessarily get to 10. If the group succeeds too easily, try the whole thing again with a twist. Either get them to count to 20, or ask them to shut their eyes, or turn their backs, or lie down, or any other cunning mechanism that prevents them from seeing each other!

10 minutes; 5 – 20 people

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