Daily gratitude affirmation

I am grateful…

that my immune system detoxes me so easily every night while I sleep
that my body knows how to keep me healthy and happy
that I’m full of energy and confidence
that I find challenges easy and enjoyable
that I’m in control and I love feeling abundant in every way
that I love and accept myself just the way I am
that I’m loved and supported by all around me
that I’m a good person and I deserve my health, happiness and wealth
that my body is feeling stronger and healthier every day
that my back is stronger and more flexible every day
that every day I can east what I want, when I want and digest it with ease
that every day my throat is healthy and it helps me communicate clearly
that I’m perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit
that I have all the energy i need to accomplish my daily goals
that I’m always able to maintain my ideal bodyweight
that my mind is at peace and I love who I am
that I love and care for my body and it return it to me 100 times
that I have a healthy heart and a strong set of lungs
that I believe in myself because I’m good at what I do
that I’m always in the right place at the right time
that money flows easily to me and I love the joy and freedom it brings into my life
that I trust my intuition that guides me effortlessly every day to make the right decision
that my sleep is relaxed and refreshing every night
that I wake in the morning feeling energised, happy and I love it
that I easily forgive and let go
that my mind and spirit are growing so much
that I love myself unconditionally and I’m grateful for my strength, courage and determination

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