Energy Centre Meditation. Why all the fuss about the Pineal Gland?

Following on from my post about “Why I never skip my daily meds (aka meditation) and how to make it rock!”, this post goes into a little more detail on the energy centre (chakra) focussing step of my daily practice.

After a few minutes of binaural beats to chill me down and get into an alpha brainwave state, I start on the energy centre focusing:

  • Base: I pulse my pelvic floor muscles a few times to get my energy in the right zone and I sense my feelings of groundedness and safety. I think about my home and my support. Sometimes I visualise an energetic cord running from this centre deep into the earth below me. I feel the energy from this centre beaming out around me as though it was the centre of a swiss ball. Once I can feel the energy buzzing around me as wide as a swiss ball, I move on to the next energy centre.
  • Sacral: Feeling the energy behind my belly button, I think about my creativity and sexuality and feel that energy, harnessing it and feeling grateful for both of those energies in my life. Once it’s swiss ball size around me, up I go to the next one.
  • Solar plexus: Feeling the energy flowing to my gut area, above my belly button and below my breastline, I feel my power. I think about my boundaries. My ethics. My loyalty and emotional strength. Swiss ball? Yes, on we go.
  • Heart: This is where things step up a level. My chest gets warm and tingly and I feel the energy emitting out from me in all directions. Feeling love and compassion. I think about my family, my friends, I think about my ex-partner, my colleagues. I think about the people in the street, the people in my neighbourhood, the people in my city, my country and then the world and send love and compassion out to everyone. At this stage if there’s anyone I’m feeling a little hurt by or frustrated with, I send them love and find the place of forgiveness, knowing that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have.
  • Throat: Any yoga fans out there may be familiar with Ujjayi (pronounced oo-jai)¬†breathing. Imagine you’re holding a mirror and you’re going to steam it up with your breath. Basically you constrict the muscles of your throat and control your breath so it comes out slowly. I do this mainly just to allow myself to focus on this place and give the¬†message to my body to send energy there. I think about my communication. Speaking my truth. Singing my song. I focus on letting kindness, wisdom and truth come through this centre and holding complaints, gossip and judgment back from coming through (haven’t got this one completely sussed yet!)
  • Pineal (third-eye): Knowing exactly where your pineal gland is can be tricky. Check out this cool graphic below that not only shows where it is, but suggests that all those ancient Egyptian “eyes” are really drawings of the pineal gland. This step¬†gets a little sexy, so kids – stop reading now! You know that feeling when you have an orgasm and your feel like your head is in the clouds? You lose your awareness for a while and feel disoriented and a little dizzy? If anyone has ever tried NOS (nitrous oxide) it’s THAT feeling. Well when you locate your pineal gland and manage to tune into this space, you can “push down” with your awareness on this point and flood your body with a warm and delicious feeling that is like an orgasm in your brain. It somehow feels like you’re closing your eyes very tight. Though it’s really your ‘third eye’ that you’re closing. They say the pineal gland is actually a¬†kind of atrophied photoreceptor. Cool huh?
  • Crown:¬†I move my focus and energy to the point to the top of my head and then the point about 1/2 metre above my head. I often feel a cooling sensation on the top of my head at this point. I focus on feeling open and expansive. Open to new ideas and feelings. Connected to the universe and the quantum field.


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