Workshop Facilitation Exercises

Below is a collection of curated workshop facilitation exercises, ice-breakers, and frameworks for futurism, ideation and group work. I didn't create these (so can't take any credit for them) but have curated this collection that I have found engaging and productive. Use the tags below to to filter by type or browse the collection below.

Facilitation ice-breakers, warm-ups and team work

January 31, 2022

Virtual People Bingo

This is a great zoom or virtual icebreaker for large groups. Let the group know that you’re going to be calling out statements like “I have […]
August 26, 2022

Radical Candor

Kim Scott’s Radical Candor Framework encourages you to ‘give a damn’ for the people around you, and constructively speak the truth, even when it pisses people […]