LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Identities and Allyship Workshop

Is your team or organisation doing all they can in the diversity and inclusion space for rainbow, trans, and nonbinary folks? Need to get up-to-speed with new terms, identities or pronouns in a safe space where you can ask all those hairy questions? 

As an experienced facilitator, parent, workshop designer and non-binary advocate, I have a unique perspective on living and working as a queer and gender diverse person, plus years of experience creating engaging learning content for both online and in-person workshops on a variety of subjects. With personal stories, empathy and humour, I shine a gentle light on unconscious bias and walk you through the changing landscape of gender and sexuality.

This interactive workshop is an informative and learning space to ask questions and learn about gender and sexuality, and how to be inclusive and aware in the workplace or community.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will: 

  • understand the struggles and realities of gender diverse people 
  • understand new common-usage terms (e.g. cisgender, trans, non-binary and AFAB)
  • learn ways to ensure your diversity efforts are also building inclusivity
  • learn how to proactively use their understanding to be allies in the workplace and community

Your facilitator, Kit Hindin (they/them)

Kit is a professional facilitator and coach, having worked in the innovation, entrepreneurship and futures space with educators, executives and startups.

As a parent to two teenagers and someone who identifies as non-binary, they bring a unique perspective to this work. Kit grew up in a world where the term non-binary wasn't used, and now raises teenagers in a climate where non-binary is one of hundreds of new identities and terms.

With compassion and humour, Kit walks participants through the changing landscape, supporting understanding and allyship, shining a gentle light on unconscious bias and microaggressions and answering those hairy questions you may have been afraid to ask.

Video Resource

Are you a parent or educator looking for guidance to support your LGBTQIA+ adolescent?.

"This workshop was the perfect introduction as Kit patiently covered all aspects of non-binary life in Aotearoa. With positivity and insight, Kit shared their life experience while acknowledging the experience within our management team.

What Kit provided us with is a window into this world and the opportunity to become allies as part of our work at the CAB. Following on from this workshop my own eyes have been opened. I have shared the written material with all volunteers and spoken with them about the workshop. At least two volunteers have printed the material to share with their families; hoping for example, to provide support for close family who are puzzled by what they are experiencing. In addition, I have observed the binary nature of support offered and am in a position to kindly point out the potential for the inclusion of our nonbinary community here.

It is a great privilege to have learned from Kit. To use pronouns correctly, to provide clients with all options for their demographic record and to manaaki all clients with respect for their identity."

- Citizens Advice Bureau