Calculate the musical notes of the planets and they’re in harmony!

The earth vibrates at 7.83Hz . This is technically the musical note C#. Could it be that the other planets in our solar system also give out a note? In fact, this study has been done. It was completed using the circumference of the planets, including our moon, and calculating their frequency based on the speed of light. The planets in our solar system are in harmony with each other.

The moon has a diameter of 2,160 miles, and a distance from us of 21,600 miles; a ratio of 1:100. It appears the same size in the sky to us as the sun, because the sun’s diameter to distance ratio is also 1:100 (the sun has a diameter of 930,000 miles while being 930,000 miles from us). This equality of ratios is seen visually when the moon passes in front of the sun in an eclipse.

More precisely, if we divide the ratios of the moon’s distance from us to the core of the sun, we get the number 43,200. This is interesting because each day we get 43,200 seconds of daytime and 43,200 seconds of night time. 43,200 is found in many other obscure areas, particularly focussed around sacred sites and the human body.

What happens if we calculate the musical notes of these planets and the sun.

Earth C#
Pluto D#
Mercury E
Jupiter F/F#
Saturn G#
Moon A
Mars #A#
Sun B

So if the solar system is in harmony, did anyone know this before us? Yes, many cultures knew of the harmony between our world and the universe. In fact several cultures over history built temples based on this knowledge.

The ratio of 43,000 in the cosmos is actually a number that appears within the ratios of the Great Pyramid. So they knew about the cosmic ratios and distances. What about musically?

The Egyptians found that F# is the basic harmonic that can bridge together all notes – and within the King’s Chamber of their pyramid, designed to elevate their dead or living initiates into the spirit world, they would musically play and sing or hum in F#. NASA acoustics expert Tom Danley took sound measurements within the Great Pyramid, also known as the Cheops Pyramid, using amplifiers and speaks in the so-called ‘relieving chambers’ above the King’s Chamber. After measuring the frequency generated (16Hz), which is below the range of human hearing, he found that it corresponded to the F# chord.

Just this year I carried out the same experiment in the King’s Chamber, and when we hummed in F# the whole chamber filled with sound. When it got to a certain resonant point, or critical mass, we could reduce the hum to a whisper and the chamber still boomed with the F# note.

In a study compiled by Susan Alexander, she examined studies of the following: The Pyramids, Our DNA, Water, Crop circles – and found the recurrence of F#.

F# is regarded with great respect by the ancient Chinese as Hu, the tone of the Earth. Native American flute makers still tune their instruments to this note to serenade Mother Earth. The notes that form a F# chord (F#, C# and A#) according to ancient Egyptian texts, are the harmonic of our planet.

Here are some further F# references:

  • 11.11 is the sacred number. It equals F#, and opening gateway for mind expansion
  • The speed of light – 363.83 ( F#)
  • Gematria of consciousness – 175 (F#)


This is an excerpt from “What if you were God?” by Mike Handcock

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