Future Sex

I found this book called “Future Sex” at the dump. Irrespective of your beliefs on other frequencies and/or life on other planets, this chapter is a fascinating and inspirational read about how sexuality could be, if we weren’t so swamped in our cultural ideas about monogamy and sexuality.


Sasha was born in the Pleiades in what would be our 24th century – 400 years into our future.

L: You mean you actually have time to work in between having sex?

Humans have joked that we will have sex at the drop of a hat. That’s not quite the way it is. It’s just that we exist in this open, excited state. If this time is right, it happens. It’s in the natural flow of our lives

L: How do you know that the time is right?

We just KNOW when the time is right. It’s a knowingness. That knowingness comes from agreements we’ve made on other levels of awareness. If I’m in a crowded room, how would I know to have sex with this person and not that person? It’s a knowingness.

L: So the sexual urge is there constantly, so to speak, and is consummated when agreements made on other levels of awareness indicate that the time is right?

If we feel the spontaneous urge, then the time is right. If the time isn’t right, we would not feel a spontaneous urge. There’s no concern or judgment or preoccupation with the past or future. It’s all in the Now. We act on our spontaneous feelings and desires.

You might judge this type of behaviour to be promiscuous. But if you could insert yourself into our culture and get a feel for our integrity and understand our sense of ourselves, you would rescind that judgment.

L: That’s what I’d like to do – get a feel for your society. How do you know the one you’re attracted to is also attracted to you?

We feel, we realise that we can be together and that all the agreements are aligned. Whereas you would feel the physical attraction and then try to get that person’s attention and make yourself desirable, the attraction that happens with us is never one-sided. So if I am attracted to another individual, it is a given that they are attracted to me. There’s no second-guessing or game-playing. This occurs because of the synchronicity of the energies between two people. If the energies weren’t synchronised, neither one would feel it.

If circumstances place me in the presence of a man with whom I will end up having sex, our interaction will be on a more refined level of excitement than my normal everyday life. Everything will click, as you say. The actual sexual excitement would not occur until the appropriate time; but the idea that we will be together will be quite apparent in that moment.

L: If there is a party going on, you and he are going to “get it on” right there?

No, because of a desire for certain environmental circumstances

L: Like privacy?

Like quietness, and the desire for other vibrational influences not to be present. When we engage in sexual interaction, it’s not just physical, it’s vibrational as well. It is preferred that we can explore each other’s vibrations in totality without outside interference or influences.

This differs from your tendency that when two people get together, they must rush off to an automobile or find a dark closet and have sex. Could this be because you fear that the moment may not last? Is there a need to jump on that moment before it goes away? We know that those moments do not go away, and so we week to prolong them rather that get it over with quickly for fear of missing it.

L: I think we should stop for a minute and lay some groundwork. Perhaps you could start by describing male and female Pleiadian anatomy…

Although I exist less than 400 years in your future our race is several thousand years ahead of you in terms of physical evolution. And evolution likes to smooth things out, to round off the rough edges, to gradually do away with extraneous material, to simplify. Over time, things become more fused and smooth. Rather than having an organ of the body – one that serves a very vital function – “hanging” on the outside of the body, the natural evolutionary process is to meld it into the body itself. So the male generally has the same system as yours, however the testicles are more receded into the body.

The male penis hardens in times of sexual excitement, like yours, and is soft and flaccid when it is not needed. But it also recedes into the body more as well. This is good for protection, and if it is not needed, it is not necessary for it to be present.

Males do not need to ejaculate to have an orgasm, and they can consciously choose whether they wish to ejaculate at any time – which leads to very little birth-control problems, and no need for contraception. They do not have a lot of body hair, either pubic or under the arms. A few do have facial hair, due to a recessive gene. The urinary tract is nonfunctional and is disappearing, much like your appendix. Therefore there is no need for a prostate gland, although there is some evidence of one left in our bodies.

L: And the females…

Our females have breasts, which serve the function of feeding children. The female breasts are normally larger than the male, even when they are not serving the function of feeding. The ovaries are not as far apart as yours, and the fallopian tubes are much shorter – so the ovaries are much closer to the uterus. Fertilisation occurs in the uterus, which is actually true for you more than you may realise now. We do have a clitoris, but it, too, is more receded. There is not very much hormonal difference between males and females, and no hormonal swings the female. There is no PMS in the Pleiades.

L: Does that mean that there is no menstrual cycle?

There would be no reason to release an egg that was not going to be fertilised. Therefore, we do not have a menstrual cycle because we do not prepare for pregnancy unless it is going to occur. We try to keep things nice and simple. We do have peak times when we allow ourselves to conceive. But conception is not dictated by those times. As the male can control ejaculation at will, the female can control ovulation. So ideas such as the IUD and The Pill do not exist.

L: How does pregnancy occur?


L: You deliver the child as we do, through the pelvic canal?


L: How are you attracted to a member of the opposite sex?

The reality we have all chosen to live in is one of polarisation, of complement In that sense we have a male and a female with opposite body parts, physically, to create new life. In terms of the expression of energy though, there is not much polarisation. There are no sterotyped roles of males and females.

There is no dominant sex in our sexual activities; both males and females share equal positions.

We have what you could consider to be pheromones. which are a combination of scent and vibration. But they are not for the propagation of the species, not to invite sex. They have evolved toward the idea of attracting others to us for the perpetuation of personal growth and personal evolution. This might involve sex, but that is totally secondary; and we consider sex to be only one part of personal evolution.

The physical attraction that occurs between males and females on my planet is not dictated by a physical reaction. The attraction that takes place includes many other factors, and will not occur without the pyschic, vibrational attraction. There is no separate physical attraction that acts on its own.

Ours is an energy attraction, and without that there is no attraction whatsoever. We feel the energy of the person first as the initial calling card. After that we may look at the person – at their attributes – but it’s very rare to turn down a partnership because the person is not attractive.

L: Surely you have some semblance of being excited at the sight of a nice Pleiadian body. Or do you go naked all the time and get used to it?

We could very comfortably go without clothes, and some do. But because of the function that the clothing serves, it has become a part of our lives…..

L: I’ve got to see this…

L: You could visit earth?

L: You still haven’t answered my question – are you or are you not influences by physical appearance?

We do have preferences for what we’d like a partner to look like. But that does not stop an encounter with one who does not fit our preferences.

L: All right. So if we could meet, what could I do to “turn you on”?

S: Since we live in a constant state of excitement, getting “turned on” is simply a gradual movement into physical proximity – another extension of the communication that will be occurring between us verbally or telepathically.

For us, sex is not the culmination of our interaction. There’s no need for us to rush off to a room to “get it on” right there. That comes at the appropriate time. Sex is equal to having a wonderfully stimulating conversation. Sex is one of many levels of communication that we go through in the exploration of communion with another individual – no more and no less important, but equal to all other forms of communication.

If the timing is right to engage in the sexual act, it is a conscious decision that we, through our desire, send to our bodies. So there’s no issue of impotence or frigidity.

L: Then what makes the male penis harden – become erect and ready for sex?

Simply the decision of the male for it to happen. There’s no such thing as an accidental erection. Our males do not have to run around being embarrassed because “it happened”. If it happen, it’s because they trigger it. They, of course, would not trigger it unless the circumstances were right and sex is to be the next natural step in the relationship. The same is true for female lubrication of the vagina.

L: Is there any time when a man can’t “get it up”?

Not unless that person wants that experiences, and he knows it, and chooses it to happen.

L: So what’s your version of foreplay?

We have many different versions. Sometimes we will use devices to enhance our experiences. One such device that we have magnifies the inner vibrations of each individual in a form of music audible to both partners. The music actually enters physical reality for both to experience. The emotions of the couple together – as they blend energies – creates the music.

Another aspect of foreplay can be forms of dance, which can be combined with this musical device. Generally the dancing is done without clothing as a celebration of nature. There are other devices that create light shows, as you would call them. This can alter your environment by your imagination. You can either control it consciously, or you can set it on automatic and allow your own coupled emotions to create the light experience.. Using both of these devices is a sensory experience that goes beyond anything that you have on earth. It touches every aspect of sense perception that we have.

There are other devices that can create various scents, if we wish. There are also devices for massage, which are a little more elaborate than yours. They are programmed for acupressure points over the entire body. Because the devices will do the massage, the couple can relax together and be massaged together, interacting while they are being massaged rather having one doing it and getting arms tired.

We would say that we are not that big on devices or toys, though. We are much more in tune and excited about using the body itself as a device.

L: Do you kiss?


L: With tongue?

Yes (laughing) And the female breasts are sensitive and part of both foreplay and the sexual act, similar to yours.

Because foreplay is not necessary to get us ready for the sexual act, it’s a joy rather than a chore. Foreplay can take as long as we want, or we don’t have to have it at all. It is generally a sensory experience that is nonsexual in nature – more sensual than sexual.

L: You don’t need to stimulate the clitoris or stroke the penis as a preparation for sex?

We don’t need foreplay to get the body ready so that sex can occur. We can do that for the sheer fun of it, but that’s a different situation entirely. It is known, whether we’re dancing or lying and stroking each other or talking, when the time is right for sexual intercourse. It doesn’t always have to happen. For us, sex can occur without intercourse!

L: So why would intercourse ever occur?

Intercourse – penetration – is simply another enhancement, another level, that allows the couple to tap into the more expanded version of All That Is (what you call “God”). It’s a spiritual experience – a more intimate step in this progressive communion.

L: How is sexual intercourse actually performed?

The male penis is inserted into the female vagina – the same way you do it

L: You spoke of a spiritual aspect. Can intercourse be just physical?

No it’s not.

L: Can’t sexual intercourse occur just for fun?

Of course. Why not? But fun is also spiritual.

L: Do you have a sex manual with all the different positions depicted?

No – not in writing anyway.

L: Does your clitoris provide any enhancement of the physical sensation?

Yes, much the same as human females. In the nonsexual stage, it is retracted into the body. In the sexual stage, it is released to provide stimulation

L: Is their heightened physical sensation in the penis and in the vagina during sex?

Yes. When you experience this on your planet, your centre of attention is on your sexual area. Though we do experience a heightened sensation in those areas as well, it is as if every cell in our entire bodies is experiencing it also. It’s much more intense and expanded experience throughout the entire body.

L: So let’s get down to climax. What do you feel during orgasm?

The act of sharing with another in such an intimate way is fulfilling beyond expression. We are reminded of a film in your culture that comes close to the sharing that we experience It is the film you call “Cocoon” in which the energy beings merge.

To us the act of sex is an integrating process. When you have a male and female body symbolically you have a splitting of polarities. During the sexual act for us, it is a symbolic re-merging with our opposite self. It is a moment of true ecstasy – a moment of true joy.

Even for you on earth, there is a moment during the sex act when indeed you “phase out”. It is a moment of true integration. In your time, this moment would be a split second, and you may not notice it. The next time you are engaged in sex and experience what you call orgasm, see if you can perceive the moment that you phase out. The only difference between you and us is that when we come back from that moment, we retain the memory that Oneness. It is truly extraordinary.

L: What happens in your head?

On a psychic level, we feel a communion not only with the person we are with but with the Source of All, with All That Is.

When you engage in sex on earth, your auras – the electromagnetic fields around your bodies – expand. Generally, how far the aura expands depends on your willingness to be vulnerable with your partner and to experience love. Whether you love them or not is another issue. I’m talking solely about experiencing love during the sexual act. And the spiritual orgasm that we encounter at that distance – at that level – clearly overshadows the physical one. The physical orgasm is synchronised with the spiritual orgasm and may or may not include ejaculation. On the other hand, ejaculation can occur if the male wishes purely for the experience. It is simply a matter of preference at the given moment. There is an enhanced physical sensation with ejaculation, and it is often considered a very personal gift to the person that you are with – a symbolic act as well as a physical one.

L: Do you climax together?

Simultaneous orgasm is generally what happens, unless one person wishes to change it. Sometimes a partner will wish to wait and do it separately for certain reasons.

L: Can one partner be satisfied and the other not?

Both partners are always satisfied. For one partner not to be satisfied means that there musty have been an expectation; and because we have non expectations, everyone is happy. Everyone is fulfilled all the time.

L: So you’re not lying there wishing he would just go a little slower…

No. Never.

L: It sounds just a little too good to be true. Is this really the norm in your society?

The experience I have described between a paired coupling is the norm. But a group is not considered something strange. I’m speaking of a group as three or more. I need to make the differentiation here; in your society when someone says ”group sex, ” there is a picture of some kind of deviant behavior that goes on in your mind. It’s not an accepted practice and is generally thought of sexual terms rather than in terms of a lifestyle.

In our society, sex is not an act existing outside of life. It’s part of life. And we will not engage in sex for the sake of sex alone. We will engage in it for the sake of intimacy and the bonding that occurs from one being to another, or to another and another and another. So it really doesn’t matter to us whether there’s one person or four. It’s the same idea of giving and sharing.

We don’t consider group sex to be a ”variation.” When sexual activity takes place with a group, it too takes place in the right environmental circumstances, free from outside vibrations influences. It is simply the expansion of the idea of ”two” into the idea of fourth or ”six” or whatever.

For instance, let’s say that you have a group of three individuals who feel that their realities are drawn to each other and that they, in this time, need to be a unit. Let’s further say that there are two males and one female, and that the males are primarily ”heterosexual” – that is their preference. The female is heterosexual as well.

The men will interact with the woman in the standard way, sexually. Although there may be a bond and a great love between the men, they may not express themselves sexually with each other. That’s fine. That does not mean that the relationship between the two men is any less deep or intense than the relationship between the men and the woman. In other situations in which individuals have preferences of bisexuality, there will be no differentiation between the sexes. There are no constraints. There are no restrictions. Each person allows the other person in our society to make their own choices, and those choices are quite all right with everyone.

L: But what about sexually transmitted diseases?

We don’t have any diseases, period. Therefore, we have no sexually transmitted diseases. We once had an immune system for the body, but it has really not been much usein the last few thousand years. We just don’t get sick

L: Is there any additional sexual excitement that anyone might feel when comparing the sexual act between male and female in a group?

There’s no additional excitement. It is simply another idea that is equal to the idea of partnered couples. Although two is the most common number, groups are not uncommon – nor are they judged as negative. It can be all participating with each other, or partnered in groups, or grouped in groups. Let me emphasize that when we are speaking of this, we are not just talking about intercourse. We are talking about the whole idea of sexuality.

L: Can this device you have that produces music be adjusted to work for a group of six?

Yes. It produces one piece of music from the combination of the energies of everyone involved.

L: So you have sex openly as well as privately…

Sex occurs generally in private – for pure convenience’s sake. Would you want to be walking down the sidewalk and have to step over someone? We’re speaking facetiously, but you get the point.

L: How open are we talking about, once or twice a week? Once or twice a month?

It depends on the lifestyle of any given individual. But on the average, we would say several times a day.

L: I know of some earth males who would give anything for several times a month. So let’s talk about this some more. Your day is equivalent to ours in length – about 24 hours?

Yes. It’s about the same. A little longer, perhaps, but not much.

L: So how long does one of your sexual encounters last?

One of the reasons this question comes up for you is that you measure your lives by time. That is something we do not experience. Time does not rule our lives. We create time for our own experience.

There seems to be an overall belief in your world that when it comes to sex and time, the only thing that counts is the last two minutes! That will add to the perception that taking all that time to be intimate, to lead up to the climax, is a waste of time. As I said, we do not count time in the same way you do, and we’re not bound by time. Time seems for us to change during the sexual experience. So this question is interesting to have to translate into your framework. I would have to say that an average sexual encounter would last one hour, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter – mostly longer!

L: If the average is an hour, and we’re talking several times a day, then you ‘re spending at least three hours a day having sex, being in an intimate relationship with another. Do you ever sleep?

Yes, but not as long as you – about 3-4 hours a night.

L: Do you actively switch partners during the day?

It depends in our situation. If we have a mate that lives in the same area, we would be with that mate. But it could be with others on any given day.

L: Let’s get downright personal. You have only one mate at the present time ?


L: And you live a fair distance away from that mate ?


L: So can I assume that your own average is slightly less than three times a day?

Yes. If we are not together, then it is less. But quite frequently we are together. One of us is at the other’s residence or we are on mission together.

L: Speaking of your mate, what is the purpose of marriage?

On our planet, what you call marriage is not something controlled by society or the government. You do not have at to sign papers or be Involved In all sorts of red tape. There’s no legal document. There are bondings, and bondings are made in the moment they are made – meaning that two or a group of individuals may bond by proclaiming their love with their friends present, similar to what you would call a marriage ceremony. When individuals marry, they always know deep down in their hearts the agreement is that in this moment they are choosing to be together ”for life. ” But their agreements can change; and if it becomes appropriate that the agreements should change, then each of the individuals lets the change occur.

There’s no binding or committing to a future idea that is far removed from the present. There is only a statement and a bonding in that moment that says, ”In this moment, this what we feel and this is what we are”

L: So five “moments” later, that can change?

Yes. It generally doesn’t. It goes on until it’s appropriate not to continue it any longer. If it’s time for the relationship to end, both persons will know it. It’s not like one fights and tries to get even with the other if they try to leave. There is no such thing as divorce. There’s always a joint recognition of the flow of the relationship.

L: Have you ever been part of a mated group?

Yes, in the past. But not now. I have one mate at this time.

L: Why?

It became apparent, through changes in my lifestyle and my connection with my present mate, that I wanted to experience a single mate. He didn’t require me to do this. It’s just how it evolved.

L: Does sex change at all after a mating or marriage?

Maybe an infinitesimal amount. If it changes at all, it becomes even more intimate. It’s been a tendency of many of my race to look only at the positive and avoid the negative. When we mate with someone, permission is given to open up both aspects of the self – positive and negative – to that mate. As we become more vulnerable, the intimacy increases proportionally.

L: OK. Since you brought up the subject of group sex, I’m going to have to explore other variations (what we call variations) of sex that may or may not occur on your planet. Such as oral sex.

Oral sex is just another experience, giving pleasure to another.

L: Anal sex?

Anal sex doesn’t work with our physiology.

L: Masturbation?

There is such a thing as masturbation, for both males and females. It’s very rare, because we can almost always find willing partners. Masturbation is used, for example, when we are out alone on a mission, or we are needing to express love to ourselves. It is an expression in itself whose purpose is to simulate, through this physical sensation, the joining with All That Is, simply without a partner.

L: Let’s assume you’re on a mission, or for some other reason can’t participate sexually for a given period of time… a week, a month, whatever…

There’s no tension build-up. There’s no physical need for release. We do allow ourselves, if we’re on mission and if we have a mate, to project astrally. There are certain aspects of our sexuality that can be transferred through the astral body (the electromagnetic body that is nonphysical).

L: What about prostitution?

There’s no need. Since willing partners are always available there’s no need to buy one, as you call it. Besides that, we don’t have such a thing as money – but that’s another subject for another time.

L: Voyeurism?

We would not think of intruding on another couple’s or another group’s intimacy. It would serve no purse for them or us.

L: Homosexuality?

We have no term equivalent to your word ”homosexuality.” When you say homosexuality and heterosexuality, you’re creating a polarization. You’re saying, ”This is one form of sexuality, and this is another form”. In our society it’s all just sexuality. There’s no difference.

Our relationships are very fluid. We are very much community-oriented, and we form ”relationship units” regardless of the number or the sexes. This doesn’t mean necessarily that individuals of the same sex need to partake in sexual relations with each other. If they want to, that is fine.

There is no stigma in our society about homosexuality. From our point of view, love is between two beings. Whatever those two beings are doesn’t matter.

Primarily the relationships are heterosexual, but that doesn’t discount any other.

L: Would this hold true for pederasty – an older man with a young boy or an older woman with a young girl?

The age differences are not that apparent in our society, because we appear to age very little. That’s not a consideration, once a child has reached puberty.

L: So you have such a thing as puberty?

Yes. There is a natural growth change that occurs around the age of 10. We have a simpler endocrine system that regulates our body metabolism. We have only one gland that does the work of your pineal and citric, that regulates the growth hormones and the hormones associated with the movement into puberty. What differentiates between being sexually mature and sexually immature is the ability to control your own sexual functions. Prior to the age of 10, the male penis never erects. There is sexual behavior between children that is less physical and more sensual. At puberty, then, the individual’s capability of control – both male and female – is realized.

What marks puberty is an actual sexual experience with a member of the opposite sex. There is no social consideration of how old a child must be before they experience that.

L: Do you educate your children to sexuality at puberty?

Sexual education is never withheld from children, before or after puberty. It can occur by children viewing adults in the act of sex. It can occur by the natural inquisitive nature of questions and answers. After the first sexual act, the child will generally have questions about their experience, or simply just have a desire to share it withs an adult. That’s the time for a more formal exchange of information – after the sexual experience. Males and females achieve puberty at approximately the same time, and their just sexual experiences will always be with someone of their own age and someone of the opposite sex.

L: Their own age? Why?

We do not encourage sexual relations between children and adults if the children have not reached puberty. The children have their own form of sensuality, and it’s very natural for them to grow into the adult form of sexuality without being influenced or shown by another. When one is shown by another who is seemingly an older and more experienced person, the one that is learning may take on that person’s traits – their likes and dislikes – and we wish to leave the child free to develop their own sexual personality.

L: And there’s no incest?

Some siblings – brothers and sisters – will have sexual play when they’re sexually immature, prior to puberty. But after puberty, no. Inbreeding results in a genetic strain that is incapable of adapting to a changing environment. This is a vital concern to all races and a major factor in our agreements that do not provide for incest.

Our children have a natural curiosity to explore each other’s bodies. There’s also a degree if natural sensuality that occurs during childhood. We don t look upon that as being wrong. Prior to puberty, this playfulness is not taken to the completion of the sex act. This allows them to build a foundation to be comfortable with their bodies and with the expression of vulnerability to another person. It’s more sensual and less sexual.

L: Is there anyone on your planet who has never had sex?

When an individual knows that they are going through some type of personal vision quest, and if they feel it is appropriate that their energies be drawn within them for their own purposes, then they will abstain. But it is not because the abstinence from sexual activity creates some type of a reservoir that can be used or directed in another way. It has to do solely with the growth of the self and the desire to go inward.

It’s not like getting up one morning and deciding you’re going to be celibate for three months, say. The circumstances in your life make it apparent, and you simply recognize it and move with it. Neither is there any frustration, like a feeling that you can’t have a mate. There’s no effort at trying to make it work, or suppressing an urge. It just happens.

Chastity can be an intense spiritual experience for you, because of all the judgments and all the ideas of sex that you’ve set up. But as far as an innate idea separate from the judgment, chastity is no better than the idea of being sexual.

L: So there is the possibility of finding a virgin on your planet, or at least someone who has never been pregnant?

Celibacy does not mean that pregnancy cannot occur! When a soul wishes to come through a certain vehicle and be born, its desire can condense energy to form a fertilized egg. And the fertilized egg will simply be made of the genetic material of the mother. It’s more of an asexual call reproduction. The whole idea of immaculate conception is not a big to-do. It’s quite natural. It will occur for an individual who doesn’t have a partner but who knows that there’s a child to come through, or someone who is on mission and away from their mate.

L: Is there anything about sex that your society considers wrong or forbidden?

”Forbidden or ”considered wrong” are judgments, and we really do not judge when it comes to sexuality. But we can say one thing not appropriate for us is violence during sex. It’s not anything any of us engage in. It’s not as if it were a dysfunctional behavior we have abolished; it’s simply understood that the sexual act is a time for tenderness and not for violence and not for any other type of creation that would cause one individual to be empowered or dominant over another.

Sado-masochism simply doesn’t fit in with our reasons for engaging in the sexual act. What we do value very highly is the idea of intimacy. It is almost a sacred idea for us. When we choose to be intimate with someone, we do not wish outside energies to be part of that intimacy.

L: You ‘re not concerned that your mate might display that same intimacy for someone else?

Forgive us if we sound callous, but, so what? You in your world assume that if your mate is intimate with another, it somehow takes away from your intimacy with your mate. It doesn’t, for us. It’s all right to choose to have a mate and to wish to be with that mate. But that doesn’t mean we need to curb all other natural tendencies as a judgment that we would be tainting our mated relationship.

L: Then what is the relationship between sex and love?

Sex is love, purely and simply.

L: You’ll need to explain your concept of love.

Love is the willingness to see others as a reflection of yourself. Love is the willingness to allow yourself to be vulnerable in the presence of others. Love is the recognition of all beings as equal to that of the Creator. Love is the energy that surrounds everyone as they move through their lives and learn from their lives.

The expression of sexuality in my culture is a celebration of love. There is absolutely no difference between sexuality and love. If you are having sex with someone, there is a great deal of love between you. None of the strain. None of the games. Just pure love.

L: You don’t experience any emotions about sex such as jealousy, competition, or possessiveness?

Nothing like that. We experience joy, excitement, and enthusiasm. There isn’t even a twinge left of comparison to another, sexually. Each experience, even with the same person, is totally unique. If we were to judge experiences between separate people, we would have to judge experiences with one person. ”Today was not as good as yesterday” for example. Once you start the cycle of judgment, it cannot stop. We do not understand the concept of judgment in this area. Judgment keeps you out of the present. We live in the moment. There’s no wondering whether I was good, or if I satisfied my mate. It’s up to the Individual to satisfy themselves in the presence of the partner. That is self-love.

L: What has self-love got to do with sex?

Through the thousands of years of our development, we have gone from not loving ourselves very much to being able to allow ourselves pleasure and allow ourselves love without fear. One’s ability to allow pleasure and love in one’s life without fear is a direct indication of how willing one is to love themselves.

We have finally cultivated a relationship with ourselves that is now reflected in our relationship with others. There is an absolute direct relationship between the two. Our willingness to love anyone that comes in our path for the sake of love is telling us that we have really achieved what we have wanted – that we are willing to love all aspects of ourselves.

L: And how did you get to this point?

When we began settling our planetary systems, there was a shortage of females – not because of any disaster or catastrophe, but simply because the colonization we were doing resulted in the separation of our people into many areas. That began, for us, the idea of sexual competition among the males for the females. It was a commotion that evolved from our need to perpetuate the secret. This need, this competition, drew in many other issues for us to deal with. It drew in issues of monogamy and polygamy that had to do with the fear of not having a mate.

Basically, we found ourselves very confused about our own sexuality.

As our population began blossoming, we began to diverge from the sexual issue, and the pressure lessened. But we really hadn’t come to terms with our own self-love. There was a time when the denial of our negativity reached a peak, which began creating disease. Many in our race started dying off again, recreating a species crises.

We had to realize that this was not necessarily an issue of sexuality or the propagation of the series; it was an issue of self-love. Working with other races who were assisting us, and through our own inner searching, we began finding ways to come to peace with this self-hatred that was so intent on protecting us from negativity. It caused a lot of pain when we opened up to the negative things we had repressed, and this pain was on a very intimate and personal level.

We withdrew within ourselves, which caused the issues of sex to take a back seat. Withdrawing into ourselves really cracked the old patterns. There was still enough sexual interaction to perpetuate the species during this time, but for the most part sex was definitely not the main issue.

As we were going within ourselves and evaluating ourselves and our own growth, we began really pulling things apart and looking in all the corners. This occurred on an individual level, person by person, but simultaneously. That’s when we began consciously building the type of reality that we wanted. It was a matter of letting go of everything in order to rebuild. That meant letting go of the good things as well as the things that were weighing us down, and starting from scratch.

L: Has there ever been a war between the sexes?

No. There’s always been an understanding of equality between the sexes. Interestingly enough, we are currently 65% female and 35% male, approximately. The overabundance of females is simply due to the fact that the Pleiadian culture is very feminine in its expression, and so it is very compatible for a female body.

L: There’s been no higher authority like a government or a church handing down sexual dictates for the people to follow.

No. An outward dictation of sexual morality is not acceptable or appropriate for us – nor is a subliminal dictation of sexual morality. No one is trying to control what any of us thinks about sex.

L: And there are no environmental elements that would explain somewhat the development of these sexual attitudes?

The climate of our planet is very temperate and consistent. That consistency is reflected within the consistency of our sexual practices. Because there is such an abundance of planetary systems within the Pleiades, we can pick and choose; so we pick those with temperate climates rather than those with harsh living conditions.

L: What about the mind of your people? What about psychic influences ?

When we drew our energy inward in our time of searching, we were very fortunate that there was nothing going on ”out there” to distract us. When this crisis was over, the energy began once again to move outward. Just as the energy began to move, we consciously grabbed hold of it, so to speak, and began shaping it, one step at a time, with no expectations for the future. In other words, we were able to take one issue at a time, in the moment it arose. So the psychological premise that it is all built on is: Live in the moment.

One cannot began to truly live in the moment until you have unplugged yourself from both your past and your future. That’s what we had to do.

Various species will create different crises in order to do this. We too, tried a lot of methods, and a lot of them did not work. So we really chose a total unplugging from what we knew reality to be in order to develop a new reality. Our transformation was very, very internal and gradual.

L: Do you as a Pleiadian race follow the example of your animals when it comes to sex?

The sexual practices of our animals directly reacts the sexual practices of ourselves. Some will choose a single mate; some will choose mated groups. Basically, every animal is responsible for itself, and through its own methods of making choices will engage itself in relationships based on the moment. The relationships that animals have on our planet are also very similar to ours in that they are sensual and there is a great amount of love. For example, there is no infighting between animals for a mate.

L: So two bucks would not fight over becoming the stud for a herd of elk?


L: You made an interesting reversal of my question. You said that your animal ‘s sexuality reflects your sexuality, and not the other way around. That doesn’t appear to be in case on earth.. .

Look at all the different species you have on earth. You have spiders that eat their mates after sex. You have certain animals that mate for life. Others mate for a season. You have everything. But what goes across the board in your animal kingdom, primarily, is the competition for mates. And that does reflect your race’s sexual attitudes. Everything around you is reflecting yourself to yourself. Your animals are no different.

L: Are you suggesting that we should become more like the Pleaidans in our sexuality?

Please, no! Our culture represents one possible development of sexuality. There are a myriad of other races out there with a myriad of other sexual practices. Your race will also develop the evolutionary growth process that it needs to go through for the healing of your system. We will always suggest that our culture not be used as an example of the “right” way. It is simply the way that works for us. If people wish to model themselves after us because it works, that’s fine – but not because it’s the ”right way. There is no such thing as ”right” and ”wrong” ways – only what works for you and what doesn’t.

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