Get into nature

[P181] The consciousnes in your great cities is particularly limited because most of those who live there are very competitive, very time and fashion oriented, and very fearful and unaccepting of density of consciousness. What those who come here from other universes see when they look upon your cities is a dense network of multicoloured light, low frequency thoughts of a very liited consciousness displayed as light field.

The higher frequency thoughts of superconsciousness are those of Isness, being, life, harmony, oneness, ongoingness. They are the thought of love. hey are the thoughts of joy. They are the thoughts of genius.

The higher frequency thoughts can be more easily experienced in the consciousness of the wilderness, away from the stagnated thinking of man, because there, life is simple, timless, ongoing, and i compelte harmony with itself. There away from the jugement of man, yuo ca hear the heartbeat of your own knowingness.

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