How to meditate and make it fun!

Why I never skip my daily meds (aka meditation) and how to make it fun!

Discover a fun way to meditate that takes about as much discipline as morning sex! It feels awesome and puts a spring in your step all day.  Why would you ever skip it?

Picture this, it’s snowing outside and you’ve got a 20 minute walk to work. Do you take the time to put on a snuggly jacket, hat and gloves? Or do you take the quicker and easier option of just heading out in a t-shirt? You rug-up right? Rather than shivering and complaining all day, you’re snuggled up inside your goosedown, all warm and cosy. You’ll probably learn better, be more tolerant¬†and communicate better. You’ll likely be¬†more patient, loving, courageous and honest…because you’ve got more reserves. Rather than a short fuse, you have one of those 10m long extension-cord fuses.

This is how I take my morning meds (even the name ‘meditation’ is loaded with mixed feelings¬†and old ideas. Let’s reinvent something fun that works for us.)¬†It takes no discipline at all (because it feels so awesome) and sets an epic tone for the day. I start off all loved-up and excited, which colours how I experience my entire day.

It’s not ‘traditional’ mediation where you sit¬†for an hour¬†thinking of nothing. In fact for some of it I’m quite active in my mind (and heart). Aside from rose-tinting my day in general, other changes I’ve noticed are:

  • More patience

  • Way less stress

  • Better eating habits

  • More honest and loving communication

  • Better time management

  • Better sleep

  • Awesome stuff happening in my life

  • More synchronicity

My meditation practice lasts anywhere from 25-45 mins. While it’s still a little cold in the mornings, I meditate¬†in bed, but so as not to be too sleepy I usually get up and have¬†a drink, sometimes pausing on the way back to bed to stretch my back out a little on my yoga mat for a couple of minutes. Then it’s back into bed with some big pillows behind my back and my new rock-star headphones on.

I’ve found some great tracks to listen to that stir emotions in me. They’re not traditional mediation music at all. My practice is pretty active, so music that moves me is important and mine is mostly electronica with some binaural beats and ambient stuff.

The content of my practice mostly fits the same framework, which is a mash-up of various techniques but most notably from Barbara Y Martin, Abraham Hicks, Joe Dispenza and Vishen Lakhiani and it little goes something like this:

  1. Binaural beats to chill me down and get into a place of stillness
  2. Energy centre (chakra) focussing. Starting at the base I move up each energy centre and feel the energy beaming out around my body until by the end my whole body and energy field is humming and buzzing with life (this feels awesome!). I experience the emotions and freedom that come with each centre, like compassion, forgiveness, strength, truth etc more about this step in a separate post here
  3. I start creating. This is where it gets really fun and I generally can’t keep the big goofy smile off my face as I go to town on visions for my exciting future. I feel the tingling in my chest at the excitement of living as this future version of me – surrounded by all¬†the amazing things I’d like to create and manifest. I imagine the feeling in my chest¬†as the plane touches down in exciting far off places; the look on people’s faces and the light in their eyes as they’re sitting in my office and we’re making positive changes in their lives; warmth floods my heart¬†as I see the view from my new living room and my whole body tingles at the feeling of my lover’s hand in mine as we explore some beautiful part of nature; I see me and my kids laughing our heads off and cuddling each other up…
  4. Let it go. With all the exciting energy inside me, I take a big breath and let it go, sending this¬†frequency out into the field. Then I rest in the afterglow in a space of deep gratitude. If this place of gratitude doesn’t come easy, it can help to make lists in your head of things you’re grateful for: health, clean water, good friends, the warmth of your bed covers, your family, your great looks, your brilliant mind, your kindness, the breakfast you had yesterday…Just 10 minutes of gratitude a day¬†releases a chemical called¬†immunoglobulin A – the primary defence against bacteria and viruses in the body!
  5. I then get up as though my creation is already manifested. Like a kid¬†feels when Christmas is a week away. It’s not here yet, but you KNOW it’s coming soon as it’s hard to contain your excitement.


How to meditate and why it takes as much motivation as morning sex

How to meditate and why it takes as much motivation as morning sex


Throughout the day I often have little daydreams about the future I’ve created. I’ve also noticed that I come back to that place of gratitude much more often. If I find myself feeling frustrated, grumpy or tired, I look about and find something: a tree, a cloud, a person, or just the knowledge that I’m on this little planet spinning in the universe, and recall those feelings of gratitude and wonder. Like a muscle, the more I use this the easier and more frequently I come back to this place and it makes everything more shiny and colourful.

As Joe Dispenza says:

“I’m not getting up from this meditation until I’m in love with life!”

That’s it. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t take long. There’s no right and wrong and you can find your own style and flavour. If you feel better¬†than when you started, you know you’re doing it right!

What’s your flavour? I’d love to hear about YOUR practice and how you upgrade yourself. Let’s share ideas!



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