How to see others

“Practice seeing each individual person as a greater being than their surface-presentation and that person will have the space to actualise their self-image.”

Neale Donald Walsch in “Conversations with God” says:

[P142] You will never dis-serve your relationship – nor anyone – by seeing more in another that they are showing you. For there is more there. Much more. It is only their fear that stops them from showing you. If others notice that you see them as more, they will feel safe to show you what you obviously already see….

People tend to see in themselves what we see in them. The grander our vision, the grander their willingness to access and display the part of them we have shown them.

Isn’t that how all truly blesses relationships work? isn’t that part of the healing process – the process by which we give people permission to “let go” of every false thought they’ve ever had about themselves?

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