11 steps to kick procrastination and get stuff done!

“I’m overwhelmed. I just can’t seem to move forward. I’m stuck in procrastination, distracting myself with mindless or unhealthy habits”.

Big life decisions or even small simple tasks can seem so overwhelming that often we feel like a possum in the headlights; incapable of making a decision or moving forward. We become exhausted with the constant over-thinking, weighing up of options and worrying about potential outcomes.


Proven strategies to kick procrastination out.

Here are some proven strategies for taking the procrastination by the scruff of the neck and feeling awesome about yourself.

  1. Plan-a-holic? Do you fool yourself into thinking you’re making progress by spending loads of time planning? Writing lists and hatching plans but not actually DOING anything? Great and effective planners, make their list, then prioritise and select the top 1-3 items¬†which they start on RIGHT AWAY. Set realistic deadlines and create small manageable action steps.
  2. Yo, break it down! Adding vague or murky to-do items like “clean up the house” or “do more fun stuff” aren’t going to help you take action today. Break down big tasks into smaller ones and get specific! Try “put away all the clean clothes” or “enrol in Monday night dance class”. How good will¬†it feel to turn that mountain into a molehill? When you don’t break it down, things often feel much bigger than they are.
  3. Remember why. Why do you want this thing done? Often we lose sight of the reasons and things just turn into meaningless lists. If you connect to your initial reasons for wanting to complete this task, it can help motivate you to move forward with it.
  4. Visualise. Research shows that when you imagine¬†what it would feel like to have this goal or task accomplished, you are far more likely to take the steps needed to get there. If it’s a difficult task, like doing taxes or having a tough conversation, imagine how awesome you’ll feel afterwards having finally put this behind you and not having it hanging over you every day.
  5. Give yourself a medal. Go on, complete one small task and pat yourself on the back. Prove to yourself that you can do it. Nothing too huge, daunting or time-consuming. Just one thing. Then tick it off the list. That sense of accomplishment is addictive. Be sure and start with something totally doable. You don’t want to set yourself up to fail. This is all about creating a situation where you have the good vibes from achieving something!
  6. Momentum.¬†Remember the task probably isn’t going to feel hard right the way through to the end. It’s often just starting that is hard. Once you get going, you often find it feels great. Especially when you hit the halfway point. Don’t underestimate the power of momentum! Just start now.
  7. Plan for obstacles. You probably already know the hurdles that could¬†stop you from starting or make you want to quit once you get going. Whether it’s a well-meaning friend urging you out for a coffee, kids needing attention, a grumbling stomach or an email reminder about a new blog you follow. Setup strategies now to prepare you for these events. Turn your phone onto airplane mode, setup times in the day when you know you can’t be disturbed, have a nourishing meal beforehand and prepare your ‘zone’.
  8. Be accountable. Tell someone what you’re doing a have them check in on your progress on regular intervals. Whether it’s a friend or a coach, having someone else witness your progress is amazingly powerful and motivating.
  9. Tempt yourself with something shiny. If you bind a yuk task to something you really enjoy, you can make it more appealing. So your brain is a little fooled as there’s both something you don’t want to do, and something you do want. Like take back those library books that are 6 weeks overdue while you’re on your way to a favourite cafe. Or take a big sweaty walk up a hill with a favourite book to look at the view and read in the sun for a bit at the top.
  10. Watch your self-talk. Be mindful of any inner-voices that aren’t¬†proving helpful stuff. “You’ll never do it” or “It’s embarrassing how little you’ve done” are not helpful inner voices. Would you talk to a friend like that? Replace it with positive, encouraging mind talk.
  11. And finally, be gentle with yourself. Beating yourself up for not having started yet won’t help you at all. Give yourself some encouragement and understanding. Be your own best friend and cheerleader.

Upgrading your life with coaching

I love seeing the light in someones eyes when they finally start clearing the junk from their mind, their bedroom floor or their future. I’d love to help you get back on purpose and move forward with whatever makes your heart sing. Do you want to¬†discover what you want deep down and what’s holding you back from moving forward? Using NLP, coaching and mindfulness techniques we’ll tap into your inner resources and clear old patterns, habits, beliefs and programs that are keeping you from getting on with your life. Then I can keep you accountable for staying on track with what you really want in life.

Think of it like a spring clean in your mind. We’ll get in there and clear the weeds, sprinkle some fertiliser and plant the seeds of awesomeness. We’ll setup simple ways to keep the sun shining and the plants watered for an abundant and powerful forest of dreams and achievements meaning an awesome and beautiful life to make you come alive.



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