Kit Hindin - Facilitator, MC, Coach, Designer, Entrepreneur.

Kit is a dynamic and heart-led facilitator and coach with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience within a number of industries. Kit is passionate about activating and collaborating with future-focused and heart-led people to co-create a thriving, inclusive future. A life-long learner and early-adopter, Kit comes alive exploring innovation, communication, relationships, inclusivity and self-awareness.

Kit leads delivery of Leadership Programmes and the Education Fellowship for Boma NZ and is a certified Action Surge Master Actioneer, Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. Kit also spearheads programme development and strategy for Boma NZ and hosts workshops and conferences.

Kit has MCed a number of events including TEDx Christchurch, Tech Summit, Reconnect conference and Design Assembly.

Prior to this, Kit worked as Startup Activator, hosting events and coaching early-stage entrepreneurs with Ministry of Awesome where they facilitated workshops for start-ups and educational organisations such as Vodafone Foundation, UCE, Christs College, Rangi Ruru Faculty and Future of Learning.

Kit is the founder and Creative Director of the digital design agency New Media Design.

As an advocate for the non-binary community, Kit is passionate about education and awareness in this space.

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