Kit Hindin - Facilitator, MC, Activation Coach, Designer, Entrepreneur.

Kit Hindin is a dynamic and heart-led facilitator and strategist with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience within a number of industries. They are passionate about activating and collaborating with heart-led humans to co-create a thriving future. A life-long learner and early-adopter, Kit comes alive exploring innovative future tech, emotional bravery and self-awareness.

Kit leads delivery of Leadership Programmes and the Education Fellowship for Boma NZ, is a certified Action Surgeā„¢ Master Actioneer, coach and NLP Master Practitioner. Kit also spearheads programme development and strategy for Boma NZ and hosts events and conferences.

Kit has MCed a number of events including TEDx Christchurch, Reconnect conference and Design Assembly.

Prior to this, Kit worked as Startup Activator, hosting events and coaching early-stage entrepreneurs with Ministry of Awesome where they facilitated workshops for start-ups and educational organisations such as Vodafone Foundation, UCE, Christs College, Rangi Ruru Faculty and Future of Learning.

Kit also runs a digital design agency she founded in 2002, New Media Design.

Their purpose is to be a part of the positive change and an innovative, connected future.