Memory Eraser

Your memory is going to be completely erased in five minutes. You have only that time to write down everything you want or need to remember.

What did you write? Did you look to others to define your life by writing down names and phone numbers of people who could remind you of who you are? Did you write your life as it is now, even with all the things you don’t like about it – or did you describe it as you’d like it to be? Since your memory will be erased, you can create the life you really want!

Write for 5 more minutes and create a compelling image of that life, making it very specific: what kind of room do you wake up in? With whom do you eat breakfast? What do you do all day? What is your mode of transportation? What does your place of work look like? How do you dress and move in the world?

What would it take to start creating that life?

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