Feel-Good Meditation for Mid-Afternoon

I’m always changing-up my meditation practice and trying new things but have found this one to have stuck around for a while because it feels so wonderful. It’s great to practise in the early afternoon to avoid mid-afternoon crashes and stressful evenings. I also find that tuning in at that time of the day often brings up an awareness that I need to sit quietly for a few minutes and defrag or take a walk around the block to clear my head and reset. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of the last few working hours of the day and spend the rest of the evening trying to find my way back to myself.

Meditation has been found to enhance blood flow to an area of the brain called the anterior cingulate that mediates empathy, social awareness, intuition, compassion and the ability to regulate emotions. It also acts as a communication conduit to the amygdala, which is a primative part of the brain controlling fear, emotional behaviour and motivation.


The Mid-Afternoon, Feel-Good Meditation

  1. Find a quiet spot to sit, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  2. As you inhale, imagine you are bringing pure energy into your body. It has no specific imprint or meaning. It’s just pure energy coming in from all sides.
  3. Now imagine you are imprinting it with meaning before you breathe it out. As you breathe out, convert that pure energy into ‘what the world needs’ energy. This will be different for everyone, and that’s the point. The energy you breathe out will have your individual and specific signature and be filled with energy that the world needs. Perhaps you feel the world needs love, honesty or support. Or perhaps you feel the world needs calm, inspiration or patience.
  4. As you breathe out,  push this energy out through your body on all sides. Through your head, your arms, your belly, your legs. It should pulse out of you like a cloud of vibrant energy.
  5. Be aware that your unique and individual contribution is important and valid.
  6. Imagine people in buildings nearby or passing on the street outside subtly sensing this good energy and feeling a little more calm, peaceful, loved or supported.

In addition to being awesome for your own parasympathetic nervous system, this meditation has a wonderful feel-good factor.

Here’s another meditation that I dig.


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