I’ve just finished a nice wee book called “Who Stole my Mojo” with some practical tips for acheiving and maintaining that buzzy focussed creative feeling and sparkiness. The summary at the end of each chapter reads…

Mojo Mindset

  • Am I looking at all the options?
  • Can I look at things differently
  • Am I taking ‘me time’ to ponder?
  • Am I controlling the controllables?
  • Am I getting out of my routine to stimulate my creative spirit?
  • Have I fallen back into my old identity?
  • Are there new words I need to eliminate from my vocabulary?

Raise the roof

  • What are my ceilings right now?
  • Am I holding myself to a standard of outstanding?
  • Am I stuck in a mediocre rut?
  • If I had no limits, what would I do?
  • What is going well for me?
  • Am I stretching?
  • Do I need a break?
  • Am I living or just existing?


  • Do I need to make changes to my council?
  • Have I checked in with my Council?
  • Should I catch up with my Council?
  • Should I thank my Council?
  • Do I need a new perspective?


  • What is my primary question?
  • Am I focussing on what I do want or what I don’t want?
  • Am I letting others get into my thoughts?
  • Am I worried about what others think?
  • Am I aware of the opposition in my own mind?
  • What voice do I need to quieten? What does the other voice say?

Feeling Good

  • Am I eating 70 per cent live food?
  • Am I getting enough rest?
  • Am I drinking lots of water?
  • Am I exercising?
  • Am I exercising in my target heart rate zone?
  • Am I taking time out for me?
  • Am I taking time to ponder and create?


  • Am I leading my example
  • Is the household stressed?
  • Do we talk, laugh and create together?
  • Am I stimulating my children’s imagination and curiosity?

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