[P94] Those in the negative state know best how to hurt others. Instinctively, they know where people are vulnerable. They will hurt you with their attacks.

There are many forms of genius and the genius here is not to identify with their attacks.

The negativity of others can hit us with almost physical force. But instead of taking the hit painfully in the chest, become a swirling vapour through which all passes. Refuse to identify with it, let it pass through you, leaving no trace of resentment within. The people who do such things – they are asleep. They don’ t know what they do. Just as I do not know what I do, and you do not know what you do. So refuse to identify either with your negativity or theirs.

It has been wisely said that as long as we are joined with someone in a negative state we cannot know them. We cannot know anyone in a state of anger, bitterness, jealousy or resentment.

– From “A beautiful life” by Simon Parke

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