This is a lovely co­operative game that always brings a group together and lights up people’s faces! Ask everyone to gather around you in a tight semi­circle, several people deep. Divide the semi­circle into three groups. Explain that you’re all going to create a rainstorm by making four simple sounds in a round. The sounds are as follows…

✔ Drizzle – gently rub your palms together to produce a whispering sound.

✔ Light rain – move your hands up and down in opposite directions, with the palms brushing against each other, as if you are brushing sand off the palms.

✔ Heavy rain – clap your hands together.

✔ Hail – cup your palms and clap them against your thighs. Start off group one on making drizzle. Once that’s under way turn and signal to group two to start with drizzle, then group three. Turn back to group 1 and get them to start light rain whilst the other maintain their drizzle, then turn to group two and do the same, then group three. Keep the round alive until all segments are making hail. Then work backwards so that group one stop hailing and make heavy rain, then two, then three, until you work back through light rain to drizzle and then silence!

5 minutes; 1–100 people  

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