Scavenger Hunt

You are about to begin a scavenger hunt with several members of this training group. The object of the game is to collect all of the items listed below as quickly as possible. You may talk with anyone in the group. You may not leave the room. You must associate each item with the person who gave it to you. You may not get more than two items from any one person.

Once the facilitator has assigned groups, you may begin play. When your team is finished, your team should loudly announce the phrase “hunt over” to the rest of the group. Be prepared to say where you got each item. A prize will be awarded to the team that finishes first.

  1. A Driver’s License
  2. A Family Photo
  3. A Store Receipt
  4. A Piece of Candy or Gum
  5. A Ballpoint Pen
  6. A Lipstick
  7. A Planner, Palm Pilot, Calendar, or Other Organizer
  8. A Drink
  9. A Coffee Cup
  10. A Marker
  11. A Store Credit Card
  12. A Pair of Glasses
  13. A Magazine or Book

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