Relationship”Disagreements” exercise

This seems like a great way of getting your partners perspective in a disagreement.

Step 1: Both partners argue full out for their own points of view. Do this with as much feeling and import as possible, however, there is one important qualifier: you may only use the word “blah”. Do not use any other words. Simply argue the way you usually do – even exaggerate a little – yet avoid actual language.

Keep arguing until you both feel you have gotten your point across to the best of your abilities. Then, take a few moments to release whatever this activity has stirred up before going to step 2.

Step 2. Now, both partners argue each others points of view. This time use words and allow yourself to step into your partner’s shoes as much as possible. Argue as thoroughly for your partners point of view as you argued for you own. As best you can, feel and express your partner’s emotions – even use your partner’s mannerisms.

Keep arguing like this until you have both run out of things to say. Then take a few moment to release whatever this activity has stirred up.

Step 3. Share what you’ve discovered with your partner. Take as much time as you need to talk through and release together on any feelings, thoughts, insights and beliefs that arose during this exercise.

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