Too Many Cooks

Your family (group) just inherited a successful restaurant from Chef Charlie, a long lost relative. The only problem: Charlie was very disorganized. The only recipes you have found are on torn strips of paper. You have to make sense of it all and quickly! The restaurant is opening tonight, and you have to have the food ready.

  1. Each member of the group will be given part of recipe (an ingredient, instruction, etc.).
  2. Your job is to put yourselves in order as quickly as possible. Your recipe must make sense.
  3. When your group is done, loudly announce “bon appetite” to signal the end of the game.

Materials Needed

  • Several Small Prizes for the Winning Team
  • Cut Recipes (Separate the Title, Ingredients, Instructions, Etc.)


Allow ten to 12 minutes for the game. Once a team calls “bon appetit,” have them introduce themselves and read their recipe in order.


For an added challenge, this game can be made considerably more difficult if groups are not pre-designated before the recipe pieces are distributed. Participants must then not only find the correct order but the correct recipe as well.

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