We’re tuned into our world

A couple of nice reminders (from the Divine Matrix) that everything happens for a reason…

[P145] “Oh you wouldn’t believe the things that have happened,” she began. “What a bizarre week! First, while my boyfriend and I were watching TV on the couch, we heard a loud crash in the bathroom. When we went to see what has happened, you’ll never guess what we saw. Well, the hot-water pipe under the sink had exploded and blown the door of the vanity off it’s hinges and into the wall in front of the sink. But there’s more! When we went to the garage to get the car, there was hot water all over the floor – the water heater had blown up and water was everywhere. Then, when we backed the car out of the garage into the driveway, the radiator hose on the car exploded, and there was hot antifreeze all over the driveway!”

I listened to what this woman was saying and immediately recognised a pattern. “What was going on at home that day?” I asked. “How would you describe the relationship?”

“That’s easy” she blurted out. “It has been like a pressure cooker in that house”. Suddenly she became quiet and just looked at me. “You don’t think that the tension in our relationship has anything to do with what happened do you?”

“In my world,” I replied. “it has everything to do with what happened. We’re tuned to our world, and the world shows us physically the energy of what we experience emotionally”

[P 146] I called home on a Sunday afternoon, and Mom shared her concerns about Cory (a border terrier). She hadn’t been acting like herself or eating well, so my mother had taken her to a vet to see if there was a problem. During the course of the examination, a series of x-rays were made, and they showed someting that no one was expecting. For some unexplained reason, Corey’s films showed patches of small white spots throughout her lungs that shouldn’t have been there. “I’ve never seen anything like this in a dog before” the mystified vet had said. The decision was made to run further tests to see what the spots might be indicating about Corey.

While Mom was obviously worried about her dog, as I listened to her story, I became concerned for another reason. I shared the principle of resonance with her and how we’re tuned to our world, our automobiles, our homes and even our pets. I offered a number of  case histories where animals have been documented to take on their owners’ medical conditions weeks or even months before the same problems were found in the bodies of the people who cared for them. My sense was that something similar was happening with Corey and my mom.

After some convincing that life is full of such messages, Mom agreed to get a checkup for herself the following week. Although she was experiencing absolutely no discomfort, and from outward appearances seh had no reason to have an examination, she agreed to schedule a physical that included a chest x-ray.

Well you can probably tell where this story is heading and the reason why I’m sharing it here. To Mom’s surprise, the x-rays revealed a suspicious spot on her lung, one that hadn’t been there during her annual physical less than a year before. After further investigation, my mother discovered that she had scar tissue on her right lung from an illness that had healed during her childhood, and the spot had become cancerous. Three weeks later, she underwent surgery and the lower third of her right lung was completely removed.

As I spoke with the doctor is the recovery room afterward, he reiterated how ‘lucky’ Mom was that the mass had been detected early on, easpecially since there were no telltale symptoms to alert her to any problems. Prior to the surgery, she’d felt great and was going through life with Corey, her sons, and her beautiful gardens with absolutely no clue that anything might be wrong.

Interesting enough, the spots in Corey’s lungs that had originally alerted us to investigate Mom’s condition completely disappeared after the surgery as well.

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