Wizards, pixies, giants

A very physical team version of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’! Sort the group into two teams and explain that each team has to choose one of three options – Wizards, Pixies, or Giants. Demonstrate the action for each choice.

  • Wizards step forward and use their arms to ‘zap’ their opponents (and of course say “Zap!” as they do so).
  • Pixies bend down low and scurry around in circles quickly whilst chattering to themselves in high­pitched gibberish.  
  • Giants step forward and raise themselves to their full height (arms stretched above their heads, hands clawed) and they roar. Obviously.

Now get the teams to huddle together and give them a minute or two to agree their choice. Then they stand facing each other across the room, and on your count of “One…Two…” they take two steps forward. On the count of “Three…” they do their thing, be it wizardly, pixie like or gigantic.  Here’s how to score: • Wizards ‘zap’ all known Pixies and they fall asleep. • Pixies scurry round giants legs distracting them. • Giants overpower wizards by stomping around them. Play enough rounds for a clear winner to emerge, or until laughing begins to hurt. One variation sees the winning team chase the losers. Any losers that are touched before they get to the safety of their starting point join the winning team. The game is won when one team captures all of the other.

10 minutes; 10 – 100 people

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